A reader asks...

I am as usual beseiged with questions from bemused readers (often in the form of internet search queries such as "fred bloggs", "kelis nude" or "couple swapping chicago"). Occasionally I take it upon myself to make official pronouncements in long running debates. Here is one such:

Perhaps you can settle an argument. I contend that lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys has, perhaps, the most Sheffield-accented singing voice of all time. However, my good friend alleges that he sounds more like George Formby when singing (he acknowledges that he is from Sheffield but believes his singing voice has more of a Lancashire twang). Which of us is correct? Kthx.

And here is the definitive answer:

You are correct, the lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys is, indeed, very clearly from Sheffield. However, whenever anyone attempts to do an imitation of their singing style, the inevitably revert into an affectation of the style of George Formby. Hence the confusion.

I hope this settles this question once and for all.

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plentyofants said...

The accent's definitely Sheffield (or in any case, it's certainly Yorkshire not Lancashire). What he does have is a similar, light-sounding voice to Formby, so that if they'd been brought up in the same place they may have sounded quite alike. Their manner of vocal delivery while singing have a bit in common too - that 'quickly sung phrase and then a pause' thing. I think this might cause some of the confusion.