I'm a big fan of seldo's GayGeeks site: take two arbitrary personality traits, and form a special interest site for their intersection. I'm just a little peeved that they didn't follow up on my idea of setting up a web ring of similarly themed sites. Perhaps they objected to my suggestion for its name: "My Big Fab Geek Webring".
Jack Bauer of 24 fame is God. Consider the following: at the end of the episode before Easter, he was clinically dead. At the start of the next episode, the day after Easter Monday, he rose again. He is truly the new messiah.
What do you expect when you name your daughters the Bush Twins?
But honestly, do you really want to see Barbara Bush nude?
Buzz Lightfitting: To Bedbath... and beyond!

Wal-Mart is a Mall-wart


Not coming soon to any multiplex near you: more sequels than you could ever care about.

Shrek 2: Shrek's in the City

After a messy breakup with wife Fiona, Shrek is single and horny (two horns, in fact), and decides to take a trip to New York, to find someone less green. He meets sex-columnist Sarah Jessica-Miranda-Virginia-Tara-Palmer-Parker, who is researching an article on women who love men who are big green trolls. Hilarity ensues. Rated R for gratuitous Eddie Murphy.

The Matrix2

Matrix^2_{i,j} = \Sum_k x_{i,k} x_{k,j}. Trivially.

X-Men 2

More fun with the band of transsexual superheros. Obviously.
Lastly, I've been particularly troubled by the joke on an ice lolly that I read last night. It began: "If a gown is evening wear, what is a suit of armour?". Aha! I thought to myself, that's an easy one. So I sucked away, and revealed the answer: "Silverware". Huh? Surely it should be "(K)night wear"? I mean, neither answer is particularly funny, but this is a lolly, after all. I did briefly speculate that the text had been imported from a UK source, and that the US doesn't really understand the idea of knights, so it had to be rewritten, but this explanation brings more questions than it answers. Any help you have will be much appreciated.


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