Not so funny anymore

I had a great dream last night. (always a worrying start of a paragraph). I came up with a hilarious pun. It seemed to involve Al Gore deciding to run for President in 2008, and selecting Alberto Gonzales (the, er, decidely republican attorney general) as his running mate. This was hilarious, because it meant that the ticket would be described as "Gore-Gonzales". Ha! Geddit?

This caused me much mirth and enjoyment in my unconscious state, and I looked forward to telling others about it. As I gradually woke up, I started to notice a problem: it isn't actually a pun. It was meant to be gorgonzola. Which sounds a tiny bit like Gore-Gonzales. But not particularly.

I think the moral here is, don't try to write jokes while you're asleep. It tends not to work very well in the warm (too warm) light of day.

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