Bobby Davros

The all-new who shoo continues to be slightly better than you'd think it would be (including, for example, Catherine Tate managing to be not annoying). Notably so in the most recent episode, Turn Left, which manages to sneakily fulfill the requirement for a "doctor-light" episode by having him dead for most of the episode. It rather bluntly underlined the case for his 'meddling'. But who would have expected that the most dramatic performance to have come from Bernard "Right Said Fred" Cribbins? Still, one thing haunts me about that. In response to the "New Labour" camps, the line "that's what they called them last time" resonates with my mind. I'm sure I've heard a similar "last time" comment used somewhere recently but, out of all the media that I consume, I can't think where. Still, you know my methods, Watson, so apply them. I have a strong suspicion that it was in Rumpole -- quite possibly Rumpole and the Reign of Terror. Either that, or someone describing the bush administration ("administration"? surely not the right word. Unless in reference to the administration of punishment).



More evidence that YouToob commenters are the dumbest creatures to evolve on earth.


"Onion" Movie Not As Good as the Newspaper

As you'd expect, the "Onion Movie" is a dreadful mish-mash of lame, overlong sketches that would have worked better as just headlines. It looks like something you'd expect to be branded "National Lampoon". You could tell quite how long it has been gathering dust before being ejected onto the marketplace by the fact that Rodney Dangerfield has a line in the movie (from another movie) and he's been dead for four years now.


Terrible advice

This article entitled "How to entertain yourself at airports" is quite staggeringly useless. Top tips include "Watch tedious droning sports or news coverage" (I spend most of my time at airports trying to get away from being force fed lowest common denominator televisions blaring), and "go to the shop and buy a book of sudoku", along with "find some cheap food". I think from now on I shall just go and hang out in the executive lounge to get myself away from such tedium.


I wonder if the hidden message in the advertising poster for "Recount" is intentional. It shows Re in one colour, and Count in another. The 'o' is a hanging chad, which threatens to fall at any minute, leaving behind...