This is a new one, the latest 419 scam to hit my inbox gives a skype VoIP number to call:

Hello dear

Hello sailor!

I am Martin Kwasha from seirra leone but residing in Ivory Coast in
Africa. It is my desire to contact you on honesty and sincerity to assist
me in transferring the sum of $1,800,000 inherited from my father late
Mr. Kwasha. I am motivated in contacting you and hope to gradually build
trust, relationship and confidence in you as i get to know you better.

Is it me, or are the made up finances for these scams going down in value over the year? Used to be you would get a good dead dictator for a round $25M or so, but now we are scrabbling over a measly $1.8M?

So please i want to know if you will be of assistance but first i want to
get to know you better. I am willing to offer you 15% of $1.800,000 usd
for your effort input after the successful transfer of this money and
investment. Indicate your interest towards assisting me by sending your
phone # and address so that i can communicate with you at any time.

And 15% of $1.8M is only $270,000. Honestly, I don't get out bed to commit wire fraud for less than at least a half mill.

I will be waiting for your response
skype: wal fred ci

Here we go! The spammers are on skype now! Is there any anonymous way to call up skype numbers and play James Blunt at them at full volume? Someone must surely be able to think of something.

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