Several decades in the making, the summer blockbuster G103 is finally released. From the creative team that brought you Maths Club comes G103. Mere words alone cannot fully describe this film. Although, if this were the IMDB, then maybe some keywords would include: Katana / Supervisors / Chalk / Blackboard / Chalk / Nick Jackson / Emergency Chalk.

It's a glorious production, quite staggering in its technical competence and assuredness. It has multiple CGI shots. Whoever heard of that in a student film? You can watch G103 encoded in H264 on the website above.

This kind of thing makes productions like the Statz4life all-stars pale into insignificance.


Vincent said...

Sounds unmissable. Seeing as the download time at the lowest quality is rather more than the cut-off period for my feeble dial-up connection, are there any readers of this board who could help me obtain a copy? I really would be most grateful.

Anonymous said...

Seems like there is a google video version available now. Looks skaffy quality so might be ok for dialup.