Eighty and Tea

Well, I have been overwhelmed by a wave of indifference in response to my shock announcement that I am moving jobs. So I will explain the reasons behind my move, which I have explained to many people over recent weeks.

Basically, my current employer is insufficiently evil. This is not for want of trying, but unfortunately due to their current market standing, they just don't have the power to be a significant power for bad. So I had to look around for a new master who would better share my malignant goals.

I thought about the wholesale Internet smut search engine, Ogle. But even they were insufficiently mean for my tastes, even though their corporate motto -- "Be evil!" sets out their intentions pretty plainly.

Instead, I am abandoning a company whose logo is coffee cup stain, and taking up with one whose logo is the death star. Now, you cannot get much more sinister and foreboding than that, now can you? Monday is my last day with the coffee cup stain, and Tuesday I being as a worker in Sector 7-G on the death star. I don't believe in hanging around.

Update: I have just noticed that my new official job title is "Technical Specialist". Ace!


Anonymous said...

I'll spare you annoying Kevin Smith jokes about independent contractors on the Death Star. But what company is this?

Matthew said...

Never mind, I worked it out. Yes, you are going up in the world of evil, aren't you?