Goodbye Hope

Bob Hope is dead, finally, and so it's a good time to reflect on bizarre messages seen in supermarkets. Fans of Sainsbury's may recall that for a very long time, the deeply sinister message "Goodbye Hope" would scroll across the till displays. It continues "to see you again soon", but it's still pretty disturbing.

Anyway, last time I was in a Sainsbury's, which was about two weeks ago, they had a new and equally bizarre message. This one was painted in giant letters above the exit. It read:
"Goodbye Come"
which I thought was pretty weird.
Then, as if the signwriter was just popping out to lunch and annoucning his intention to return sharpish, it adds
"Back Soon".
Still, you know...

Back here, and I struggled through Newark airport last week. Now there's an anagram to ponder upon.

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