I've seen a couple of adverts on telly recently (on Meridian) for a bizarre and yet intensely necessary theme park called "DiggerWorld". That is, a visitor attraction based around JCB diggers and located somewhere near Strood. I wanted to find out more, so I tried to go to there advertised webpage, diggerworld.com, but found it to be sadly lacking in content (last time I looked it was one of those irritating "this domain has been registered but we can't be bothered to put any content on it" style pages). I tried every variation of this URL, and also googled for a bit, but couldn't find it.

Is this just a cruel hoax? Is the promise of exciting JCB rides, and the chance to operate a digger just a mean trick to get young children's hopes up? Or are the web people just incompetent?

Ah well, perhaps it is for the best that the world shall never know the true glory of... DiggerWorld!

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