Hazardous logic

I've always been curious about what really happened in Hazard all those years ago. The only real evidence we have to go on is the rambling, repetitive and surprisingly lacking in detail account from Richard Marx, claiming that he left her by the river. It wasn't even clear what happened to Mary, except that, chances are, she probably won't be wandering around that old Nebraska town any more. What could have happened to her?

I was thinking about this recently, and I remebered something else. What could have happened that night when she went out walking all alone? Well, it would have been dark, and the only place to walk would have been those twisting, treacherous country roads. It seems quite possible that a pair of good ol' boys, liquored up to the hilt, haring round the corner on the run from Boss Hogg could have misjudged the bend and ploughed into the walking Mary. Anxious to cover up their crime, they most likely then tossed her corpse into the fast flowing river, before jumping back into their car through the windows and screaming off again.

So there you go. Next time you hear 'Hazard' played on an oldies station, and you think "I wonder what really happened?", well, now you know. It was the Dukes of Hazard wot done it. Case closed.

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