Yes, another quick spin through the excitement of my bizarre search query hits. These include such gems as:
  • sex bloggs - more internet pervs who can't spell
  • lolly stick jokes - I am a world authority on the question of the lolly stick joke
  • diggerworld uk kids - those uk kids just can't get enough of those crazy jcb diggers!
  • vivian darkbloom - don't know whether they were looking for nabokov or xena warrior princess porn
  • bands formed from other bands - oh, I'm not so good at this kind of trivia. You could try Cream, I suppose, or Wings, or that kind of thing. Why not ask an expert?
  • air steward advert delivery - bizarre freak what the hell are you on about?
  • edward norton%27s hair - see above comment
  • harry potter chambers of secret video file size - I have an algorithm which guarantees to compress any file down to half the size. And the great thing is, you can run it on the output, and keep crushing it down until it fits on a floppy disk! No more need for expensive CD-Rs! (NB floppy disks are now more expensive than CD-Rs)
  • clayderman windows media - you what?
  • juemilia video - who?
  • weirdest google search - this is almost ironic, that "weirdest google search" is actually a really quite mundane query to pose
  • google bloggs - learn to spell
  • dervla kerwin pickup - I do hope that this is a reference to "A Dance To the Music of Time" and not another pathetic internet stalker... Also note, that I should have spelt it Kirwan. Sorry. Take this as your online Corrie and Clarrie
  • lolly alf - not 'alf!
  • blow the bloody doors off joke - Oi!
  • shrek words - weak, lame, green, tedious, eddie, murphy, mike, boring, myers, unnecessary, sequel - that should do you.
  • diggerworld day out uk - can't be beaten!
  • weird painted mini coopers - pervert
  • time travelling in trucalling - don't try it kids! You'll only end up sleeping with your own grandparents and getting into all kinds of hilarious awkward situations and paradoxes!
  • bloggs iraq - blogg off
  • diggerworld england - perhaps the finest theme park in the world, let alone England
  • diggerworld. com - They don't .com any better. Although you probably want Diggerland.com
  • jokes lolly stick - In theory, brilliant. In practice, crap.
  • globeblog - I think you just made that word up.
  • bloggs diary - nosy parker
  • second hand j.c.b diggers - fell off the back of a, er, enormous flatbed truck?
  • fred bloggs - that's me!
  • jcb strood - Strood, where, amongst other things, you can find the delights of Diggerland!
  • bloggs on sex - Sounds like a hard-hitting investigative journalism show on ITV at about 11pm on a wednesday.
  • julianna hatfield bands - this year's latest must-have fashion accessory.
  • geek webring - World's smallest webring! Click here for the next site in the ring!
  • britney spears oui magazine - you'll be lucky.
  • shrek fiona nude - filth! And for that matter... why?
  • tony shaloub as monk quotes - How about "Oi! you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"
  • alan cumming%27s marital status - um. Take a wild guess, sweetheart.
  • harvey birdman episode summary - quite funny.
  • faircall - fair cough

That's all for now. Keep sending in those wacky search terms that bring you to this site, because who knows, you could win a prize (it could happen. Just not a prize from me)

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