Pontious Pilot

Two very very fast pilot reviews. This time, the common theme that links two more straight-to-basic-cable shows is a community wihch includes a large number of very smart people getting up to various sinister goings on. This reminds me too much of work, so I probably won't be watching any further.

Eureka is a secret town somewhere in the northern mid-west, where all the top sekrit sciencists of america are kept, so they can keep inventoring new stuff and so on. The pilot features a US marshall stumbling upon the town along with his trouble-making teenage daughter and -- guess what -- by the end, he has decided to stay. Highlights: the old sheriff is Nero Wolfe, and the new sheriff is Jack Carter, who is looking in a lot better health than when we last saw him.

Three Moons over Milford is set in a town somewhere in Vermont (top right, for those not familiar with US geography). It depicts life after a meteor has hit the moon, splintering it into three large pieces. The whole world is now awaiting one of these pieces to fall from the sky and end all life on earth, although no one is quite sure when this will happen. Some people have gone off the rails, some have gone around the world, and some have chosen to stay at home and act as if nothing has happened. The action focuses on one family and... just isn't particularly interesting. Highlights: the precocious teenage son manages to convince one of the town's many young, PhD holding "hotties" [their word, not mine] that he is home from MIT. Said 'hottie' practically jumps him when he offers an improvement to her matrix multiplication algorithm, even though "n squared is the theoretical limit", since he promises to "improve the constant factor by at least a fifth". In case you were wondering: this almost never happens in real life.

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