Academic Spammers

Dear Prof.Dr.Anchor,

Excuse my disturbing you. But we had invited you in July 19 and I
do not know, if you have sent your INVITED PAPER
in the WSEAS MultiConference in Bucharest (Romania), deadline: 17th August
and/or WSEAS MultiConference in Dallas (USA), new deadline: 31st August

Dear Spamming Scum,

Kindly get lost and never bother me again. Your tedious spam is the most time wasting crap that I have to deal with. I have to study it carefully before I discover that this is not something that I have chosen to be involve with, but lazy personalized spamming of the worst kind. Please take your uninvited hassle to participate in bottom-feeding conferences and stick them up your WSEAS.

Professor Doctor Doctor Hugh Anchor

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