Monday Morning

Not much to report as the unbearable heat of summer suddenly snaps into the grey and rainy autumn, in preparation for the unberable cold of winter. Fortunately, I like it grey and rainy -- it reminds me of home.

From the news today:
"And both her parents are divorced."

Both eh? What an unfortunate coincidence.

Spoonerism of the day: lame duck = dame luck (presumably some relative of lady luck?)

Also an anagram of duke calm, if you so desire.

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

The "and both her parents are divorced" line might not be as vacuous as it sounds. Consider the following scenario:

A (M) m. B (F); they divorce.
C (M) m. D (F); they divorce.

A shacks up with D and they produce a child E (M) out of wedlock. (Kids, don't be alarmed: naturally no honest law-abiding A or D would do this.) Similarly, B and C produce a child F (F) out of wedlock. Now F can say quite correctly that both her parents were divorced, and E that both his parents were divorced.

[Citizenship For] Kids! Why not have fun by trying to answer the following questions?

* If E and F later marry, would it be incest where you live?

* A wants to marry B and D at the same time, and they both want to marry A at the same time. What is wrong with this?

* Why should A and C on no account be allowed to marry each other?