One brief flicker of interest in the latest torrent of spam (can you have a flicker in a torrent?). There's a lot of spam at the moment, someone should really do something about that. Anyway, this was a little unusual, since it used one of my super secret addresses that isn't much publicised, so I wonder where they got it from. It purports to come from "David Cameron" and directs to a rather lame, half-hearted attack ad on the limey politico. It makes a big deal of his Eton tutelage, and connections to the establishment. I'm not all that interested though. I will not link to their youtube site, since I don't want to give spammers the oxygen or any of my carefully won pagerank score. I'm sure you could find it there if you were really interested. Like I say, it's not very good. I wish they'd stop.

No new pilots to review this week -- the flow seems to have dried up, and I haven't seen anything else of interest. That's probably good though, there's only so much time I can spend lying around watching TV when I should be working. About eight hours a day, I calculated. More at weekends. Ah, technology. Now back to my reviewing chores.

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