Utter sots (anag)

One thing I feel I have to add to the ongoing Da Vinci Codswallop farago. I looked through the book a year or so back, and was suitably unimpressed. But the acknowledgments mention William Tunstall-Pedoe, pedlar of the really very good Anagram Genius software. It turns out that all those dodgy anagrams around which the plot of the novel turns (oh yeah, SPOILER ALERT, like I care) were generated using W T-P's nifty bit of coding (for more details, see here). Oh, Dan Brown. How you have fooled us with your computer generated illusions! (although, perhaps it would have been better if he had just let the computer write the whole book).

I have a great deal of fondness for AG. Mostly because, using a nice "trial version" of the software, I was able to find that Pamela Anderson is an anagram of Anal Promenades (I forget exactly why I was looking for this; I believe that Baywatch was the toast of the town at the time). It also informed me that various people known to me were anagrams of, variously, Virgin's Testes, Smiling Doll, and Nazi Leader. There are no good anagrams of my given name or my assumed name.

The esteemed Mr T-P hangs around Cambridge, and I must have seen him in the bar a few times. I beta-tested his follow up work, the technically impressive Crossword Maestro, one summer when I had nothing better to do. Disks were passed around from pigeonhole to pigeonhole. It was very cloak and dagger.

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