Charmingly Spam

I received quite the most naive, innocent and useless spam in a while today which, having my time on it, I will now inflict on you:

From: Allan 
To: []@[]
Cc: []@[], []@[],
[]@[], []@[]
Subject: hanging out with you

Hello my dear friend
I was looking throubgh the web few weekas ago and found
your probfiale. Now I deciaded to eambail you to get to know
you better. I am coming to your country inb few weeks
and bthought may abe we can meet each other. I am pretty
looking girl. I am 25. Do not reply to this address
directly. Email me back at []@freemailserv.com

Two days on, and no one has requested 5 free iTunes. I am secretly delighted that no one I know indulges in this tomfoolery, and assume that most of them must instead obtain their digital music either via self-creation from CDs or from Russian sites of dubious legality.

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plentyofants said...

I think you should let 'Allan' have them. She is pretty looking girl, after all.