The Emporer's New Sound

According to the BBC, I'm not supposed to be able to hear this. But I can, very clearly. Take a listen. I presume it is the insistent oscillating high pitch whistling sound, not the background rumbling and other low frequency sounds that I'm not supposed to hear. But I can, quite clearly. Can you?

Or am I just making this all up, and there is no sound at all? It's a bit tricky, when you think of it. Equally, if I can hear it, and people say they can't, how can I be sure they aren't lying too?


plentyofants said...

I would class it as "mildly annoying". But not enough to interfere with my task of vandalising local shops and intimidating the customers, obviously.

Perfectly clear to hear, though, isn't it? Just a touch above the pitch of the 'TV whine'.

Still, it's going on my myspace anti-page once I find a clean recording.

plentyofants said...

And... if a tree falls in a forest, but only makes a high-pitched sound, and the only people young enough to hear it are A Level philosophy students, but they've all been driven away by the anti-teen policies of the local council, is it really wearing clothes?