Oh Chester, so much to answer for

I'll shortly be embarking on a world tour, with last minute UK dates just added. On the extremely unlikely offchance that there are any obsessive stalkers who don't like travelling too far but still want to stalk me in person, here is where I'll be and when:

June 10 - 15 Bertinoro, Italy
June 25 - 29 Chicago, Illinois
July 2 - 6 Chester/Manchester, UK (just added)

Yes, I'll be visiting the UK capital of culture Chester for a few days in July. I don't know anyone in Chester, and moreover, I don't know anything about Chester. I believe that it is the location of the fictional docudrama "Holy Oaks", but since I've never watched it, I've no idea what that entails. So, if you have any suggestions of exciting things to see and do in Chester, please keep them to yourself.

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plentyofants said...

I last went to Chester in 1998 though I don't think it will have changed much since. They had some Roman walls they are unlikely to have got rid of.

I'll probably be available for (Man or non-Man)chester if you like.