Ship shape

I went to Bristol from the weekend. I'm currently exhausted from the return journey, but a few things to note about the travel itself:

* They showed Mr and Mrs Smith on the plane, which is not as good as it could be, and Charlies Angels. The films had been "edited for content". In the case of Charlies Angels, I noticed two obvious edits: the line "and that's kicking your ass" was changed to "and that's kicking you around". There's also a scene where a helicopter is hit by a rocket and blows up. This scene was removed: you see the missile on a surefire collision course for the helicopter, and then it cuts abruptly to the next scene. This is presumably in line with the rumoured rule that you can never show an aircraft disaster as part of an inflight movie. I'm amazed that this is actually true.

* I may in the past (I can't remember) have mistakenly said that the nasty looking room next to immigration where they take you if you don't have the right documents, or they think you look like a terrorist, was labeled as "Room 101". This is completely wrong. It's actually labeled F-U-070. I don't know what the 070 indicates, but the F-U is pretty clear.

* I'm so happy that I have found enough shortcuts and appropriate routes that I can get from the plane to my home in under an hour. If all goes well and I can sprint to immigration before the crowd gets there.

* Earplugs are great. Never travel without them, especially if you are likely to encounter obese Americans or gobby Brits.

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