Giving Thanks

It's Thanksgiving, the rather dull American holiday. As usual, I have work to do, and as usual, the rest of the country appears to be asleep. The annoying thing is that there's virtually no activity on the blogosphere, as the authors of the ones I usually read appear to be working off their excessive turkey consumption, so I'm working with almost no distractions. Very unusual.

A new mobo arrived for hughanchor today, but for whatever reason I can't be bothered to operate while he seems to be in reasonable health, and it will probably take a while to carry out the transplant. Still, that'll be something to do on a rainy day when I don't have anything important to be doing. Which might be a long time. It is better than my current motherboard (it has 800FSBs, which must be good) and cost virtually nothing, so it will be worth doing it eventually.

Still, staying in is safer than going out. Find some video of the incident, and see if you can see the strings!

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Oberon said...

....i'm not asleep.....blog this.