Nanu, nanu

The interesting thing about music is that, to some extent, the audiophiles are right: good speakers do make a difference. I've been carrying my music around in one form or another for years now--- CDs, then MP3s--- but I've only recently started hearing things in songs I've listened to many times over. Maybe it's because I'm using slightly better speakers than the mid-nineties CD "boombox" I first used, or just that I normally listen to stuff on low volume. It was only recently when I was listening to Paranoid Android by Radiohead that I noticed the computerized voice saying "Marvin, the paranoid android" (or whatever) in the background, something that had somehow passed me by until this point. And then today I was listening to Vertigo by U2, and I noticed that halfway through Boneo shouts out "Shazbot!". I thought about carefully verifying this for myself, but then I found out that someone had done it already:

thank you google cache [link may not work, google cache being unreliable sometimes]

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