The response to the music quiz so far has been quite. Let's recap the current state of affairs:

I'll sneak the answers in here since no one seems to care any more

1. Sean Connery
Nick knows the answer, but no one has posted it yet.
Obviously, it's Kids by Robbie Williams. An easy one to begin with.

2. Christina Aguilera
Yes, she is mentioned in an Eminem song, but that's not what I was thinking of. Keep trying.
It's "I'm Afraid of Britney Spears" by Live On Release. Surely everyone knows that?

3. Wincy Willis
John Kettley is a Weatherman by Tribe of Toffs, which also mentions a whole host of others.

4. Juliette Binoche
Come on! The same song also mentions Marcus Garvey and Harvey Keitel in the same breath. No cheating on Google now!
Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh Juliette Binoche. It's First Transmission by Earthling, of course

5. Fred Fellini
A quite easy one, I thought (even easier if you cheat with search engines)
msw got this one, Diminished Clothes by Salad. As pointed out at the time, it should be "Fed Fellini" (short for Federico), not Fred.

6. Lisa from Steps
She's the one with the dark hair. Dreaming of injured Popstars by Chris TT. It's Michael Gambon, it's Michael Gambon, I saw his face!

7. Lucy Liu
I was going to put Louchie Lou (from Louchie Lou and Michie One), but namechecking yourself in your own songs shouldn't count. So yes, Density's Child Independent Women (Part one)

8. Terry Wogan
Franz Ferdinand's Saturday Matinee Refectory Nightime Song. Or whatever it's called.

9. Chris Evans
Chris Evans and Shed Seven will save the UK music scene! Thans, Helen Love

10. Ginger Spice
Can anyone get this one? The same song also mentions Tony Blair, Courtney Cox, Michael Jackson and Jerry Springer. And! It doesn't appear to be indexed by any of the big search engines, so in your face, internet cheaters! For a bonus pound, name the celebrity who starred in the video.
No one seems to remember "I've had enough" by Hillman Minx. From 1998, the video featured Angus Deayton (before he had had enough). The song lyrics are as follows (since I can't find them anywhere else on the net):

Motorcars and politicians
Ginger Spice and Eurostar
Football shirts and Damien Hirst
Empty lager cans and wonderbras
Tony Blair and endless skinny women

I've had enough of them all
I've had enough of them all
I've had enough of them all
I've had enough

Easy listening, Camden Market
Quentin Tarantino, Drum and Bass
Courteney Cox and Versace frocks
Veggie burgers and Jerry Springer's face
Football yobs, Nike trainers, Michael Jackson


Conspiracies, Referees,
phony new-age therapies
Signing on, student loans,
Surf the net and mobile phones

Closing time, losing hope
Antipodean lunch times soaps
Laptops, pagers foreign beers
I've had enough, I'm out of here

Porno mags
Loads of fags
Mountain bikes
Postal strikes
Gay or straight
In love and hate
Well I guess it's tough
But I've had enough

Repeat previous verse and fade

And now you know! Much less later, I expect


Matthew said...

Do I get points, and do points mean prizes?

msw said...

I'd have thought a search for "Fred Fellini" (as opposed to Federico) would lead you pretty quickly to the answer: Diminished Clothes, by Salad. But I haven't checked, obviously. The only song mentioning Harvey Keitel that comes to mind is by House of Pain, and I'm pretty sure it's not the one you're after.

On the other hand, name five songs which mention Robert De Niro. I can think of three off the top of my head.