Death and Resurrection

This news story has been bothering me for a while:

Woman's body mistaken for Halloween decoration

Not for the story itself, which probably says more about America's bizarre occult obsession with halloween, so much as the attribution of one of the quotes. "Fay Glanden" appears in most versions of the press association story (for some reason, the wire story seems to get very slightly rewritten in different newspapers. So she appears as:

Fay Glanden, wife of Mayor William Glanden -- Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX
Fay Glanden, wife of Frederica Mayor William C. "Chick" Glanden -- The News Journal, DE
Mayor William Glanden's wife, Fay, told a local paper -- theguardian, UK.

But one question: why does it matter who her husband is? I would have thought that theguardian especially would not define people by their spouse.

Meanwhile, hughanchor seems to have taken a turn for the better. I was just about to cart the box off to be looked at by a specialist, when I decided to try a few last tests, by booting a linux distro (mostly just to show that I could) and by re-running some memory tests. The memory tests showed up a huge number of errors in a memory area corresponding to the second of my sticks of DRAMM. So I pulled that one out, rebooted, and haven't had a blue screen since. This is odd, I thought I had checked the memory, but I may have messed up which bits of memory I had in when I ran the tests. Also, this is pretty new memory (from July), so it shouldn't really be dying so fast. My suspicion (given that some of the errors didn't seem very memory related) is that there was a motherboard or other system issue that caused the memory to go wrong. I'm not sure. I'll keep the system up as it is for a while, and if I start to encounter more errors, I might go down the route of replacing the motherboard and other pieces. Since I have duplicates for almost every piece of the computer lying around in one shape or other, I could end up in an interesting philosopher's bicyle situation. But for now, things are more or less back to normal. Until the next crash...

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