More computer tedium

Just an update for those that are yet to transmute their indifference into actively not reading this stuff. I have provisionally ruled out the power supply. That leaves the remaining possibilities as the motherboard and the processor -- could be a corrupt cache or something similar. Or, there's a chance that it could be the hard drive: it's been getting a lot of errors lately, but quite frankly that is most likely to be due to the constant rebooting in the middle of operations. So I'll try to rule out the hard drive tomorrow, and then take the damn thing to a professional to have it looked at, since I don't have any convenient way to test whether or not the chip or board is the culprit. Meantime, thank goodness for the laptop, which is gradually taking on more responsibilities while hughanchor is out of action.


Anonymous said...

I thought of a way to test your graphics card: many linux install CD's boot to an X environment... if your computer can display this then your away.
Actually, your windows install disk probably boots to a graphics mode as well...

I'd be suspecting the mobo from what you've said, though.

Pete said...

I suspect hard drive.

One good way to rule out (or otherwise) the hard drive is to download a Linux Live CD ISO and burn it to disc. Then, turn off your computer, disconnect your hard drive, and try to boot from the live CD. If this works then your motherboard is probably fine.