More new episodes of Doctor Who leaked onto the internet. Story by Roland Jimlad.

Yet more previously unseen episods of Doctor Who have been released on the internet in the last few hours. However, these episodes are titled "The New New Doctor Who... and Scrappy Who, Too!". They feature Charlie from Busted as the Doctor, and his assistanct Scrappy Who is played by an older looking Lil' Bow-Wow. Most intriguigingly of all, these episodes have a production date of 2015, suggesting that they have somehow been sent back in time.

A spokesman for the RIAA commented, "This just goes to show quite how wiley these internet pirates are. They will break any laws, including the laws of physics, to distribute their illicit materials. These Scurvy dogs must be keel-hauled, R. Jimlad!". However, the evidence points to a different culprit: the Doctor's nemesis the Master. A BBC drone explained that this was because all the videos were marked with the phrase "Master Copy", identifying the leaker.

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