Readers Questions

Just a few new queries pouring from the great unwashed.

Firstly, "lays crisps "available in the UK""
To which I can only reply, "Why?". Lay's crisps, for the uninitiated, are basically US boring crisps (to be fair, all crisps in the US are boring; no monster munch, no quavers, no frazzles etc.). They are especially boring: they're like Walker's Ready Salted but without the character. So, if you are looking for lays crisps in the UK -- if you must, then just get some own-brand ready salted, and if you stand the raise in excitement, then they should do the trick. Else, explore, and discover some of the wondrous crisp varieties that the UK has to offer (skips! wotsits! turkey twizzlers!). Find out why the UK is the evil snack capital of the world.

Nextly, "Lord of the Rings: an allegory of the PhD?" Yes it is. Next!

"tim westwood idiot" You might very well think that.

As I recall, it was 1997 or 98, and Tim Westwood was playing at the end of year festivities in a tent. One end of the tent was raised microscopically off the floor, towards where TW was doing whatever it was he was doing. I went over to investigate. A burly bloke from the Westwood entourage impeded my progress, "Sorry mate, the stage is for ladies only". I fell about laughing so much that I was unable to protest the idiocy of this comment.

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Matthew said...

Aren't Walkers and Lays the same company now? The logos are the same except the text.