Memory feats

In my life I've forgotten more things than I care to remember. So, as an exercise last night, I tried to recollect the names of all my form teachers from age five to eighteen. Here is how far I got:

--Infant School
Mrs Jeffries
Mrs ??Linton-Smith
--Junior School
1Cr Mrs Crockett
2Ld Mr Lloyd
3Pa Mrs Patience
4Ti Mrs Titmus
--Secondary School
1MT Mr ???
2JF Mr Jeffries
--Grammar School
3Hd Dr Haddock
10Cd Miss Clifford
11Bn Mr Brown
12Rn/13Rn Mr Richardson

For some reason, the most recent ones were the hardest to remember (at least, the form names are; I could never forget the peculiar character of Mr Richardson himself).

That's it. This is a fun game that you can play yourself at home. Hours of fun for all the family. Not suitable for children under the age of five. Obviously.

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