More lolly!

Second batch of catch-up lolly stick postings. There may be some more repeats here, but I don't care. The next few all have a household appliance motif going on:

What kind of license does a refrigerator have?
A license to chill.

Note that this uses the usual American spelling of "licence". Unless I can't spell either. Either this is a speculative rumination on the future impact of the Kyoto protocol, where carbon emissions and so on get pushed fown to th emicro level, and every appliance that we buy has to trade its emissions for money, or else it's just a crap pun on "licence to kill", which doesn't make sense. At the very least, you could make some reference to Bond, like "What kind of licence does James Bond's refrigerator" have. Or the Beastie Boys. Or something.

What washes up on really small beaches?

Another canny environmentally aware comment on the growing problem of oven slicks, where ships containing large number of microwave ovens suffer a hull breach, and their contents wash up on the nearby coastline, causing severe harm to local wildlife (mostly seagulls) that end up getting turned into crispy fried duck. Not sure why the qualification "really small" is needed though.

And, lastly:

What gets colder as it warms up?
An air conditioner.

Which shows a basic lacking of understanding of thermodynamics.

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