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Much to my surprise, Black Box Recorder seem not to have recorded a cover version of "Is that all there is?", the Peggy Lee song known to some as "the most depressing pop song ever". Somehow, I was sure that they had, and was looking for my copy of it to listen to before I realized that they don't seem to have recorded it after all. I'm probably just thinking of "Child Psychology", which is basically the same song. In addition, seek out their cover versions of "Seasons in the Sun" and "Uptown top Ranking".

I felt strangely drained at the end of last week. Finally I worked out the reason: I had been in my office everyday between Monday and Friday. Since starting this job about 6 months ago, I'm not sure if I've done this before. So, no wonder I'm tired. In explanation, I should explain that usually I like to work from home one day a week, or go to visit someone in NYC or NB to work. Still, weird to go to the same place five days in a row. I need more variety in my life.

I was having a conversation with a co-worker about the database luminaries, Codd and Date. I stated that one was dead, while the other still survives. I suggested that Date had passed on, but he corrected me: "No! Codd is dead". I pointed out that he sounded rather like Kant, but I don't think he got my point. Am I the only person to find this amusing? That's a rhetorical question.

More lolly stick jokes in a moment, but they require their own post.


Anonymous said...

I wish they had covered "Is that all there is?" - 'tis a fine record, and, as you say they have a good record with cover versions (at least, better than Abs from 5ive).

Also. Who do you think you are - Sidney Morgenbesser?

Anonymous said...

Polly Jean Harvey (as she styled herself then) covered it on Dance Hall at Louse Point, if that's any help. Also, you're thinking of Nietzsche rather than Kant, unless I've entirely misunderstood.

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Anonymous said...

I am absolutely sure they did record the song. When you are looking for it look carefully at the B-sides.