Mining the Data

I am, amongst other things, a data miner. I know this because I get invitations to be on the PC of various data mining conferences. And data mining begins at home. So I've spent half the morning collating all my expenses for 2004 to look for patterns. I won't bore you with the details or leak private information by divulging too many figures, but it was fascinating (to me, and no one else) to compare against the results for 2003, and observe that, year on year, things are pretty consistent. Indeed, the bulk of the difference between the two years' spending is down to a change in the amount of rent that I am paying. Of course, I'm just about to mess everything up by trying to buy a car, if I ever get round to that, but I suppose I can carefully try to adjust for all the expenses that will bring.

Gosh, this is frightfully dull if you aren't me, isn't it? Well, try being me then. I recommend it. Anyway, if I get round to it, we'll be back on the lolly stick jokes any time soon.


Anonymous said...

Get back down that pit and mining that data ore!
Health and safety? I don't want to hear about damn health and safety!

Anonymous said...
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