And now for something completely different. This was one of the highlights from my time in Vancouver. I was hanging around after the conference in a bookshop, when I looked out of the window to a bus stop across the street. Waiting there was your standard issue goth (size: large), but this one was carrying a mysterious cage. Something that looked like a tail was hanging out of one end. Was it a cat, or a dog? A little while later, my question was answered: she opened the cage, and took out what looked like... a stoat. Or maybe a pole cat. Of course, I snapped a sureptitious picture from inside the store. To add to the air of mystery, you can just about make out the strange animal shape in her arms, but not well enough to make out what it is, exactly. Any photoshop wizards able to better make out what it is? More image manipulation challenges will follow, a consequence of my cheap little digital camera.  Posted by Hello

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