I pay all my bills online. However, I recently noticed that I pay all my bills online differently.

DSL is automatically billed to my credit card.
Phone is automatically billed to my bank.
Electricity I pay by logging on to the company web site and pulling the money from my bank account.
Gas I pay by using the "make payment" facility from my electronic banking service.
My credit card is paid when an "e-bill" is delivered to my bank and I log in to pay it.

This is reasonably convenient, since I only need to actually take any action on about half of these, but it's a bit weird that I have five different ways to pay five different bills. If everything worked properly, then I would just get everything to be billed to my credit card automatically, and then pay that off once a month. But that seems too complicated, and not everyone supports that yet. Oh well. I'll just have to wait a bit longer for the future to arrive.

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