Um, some quick Viz-style top tips before I drag myself out of some jet-lag squared malaise and try to face the world, or at least New Jersey.

Top Tip 1
Spendthrifts, too cheap to pay for museum entrance? Then why not pay a visit to the museum shop (usually not something you have to pay for entry to). You can browse through the postcards and posters of all the artworks inside without having to pay a penny. Thus you get to see all the same art without any of the expense. Plus they're all in one place instead of making you traipse around interminable corridors, and you get to see the fanciest architecture (the entry hall) of the museum.

Top Tip 2
Spendthrifts (again), want a nice holiday but still want to save on paying for entry to castles, museums, palaces etc.? Then why not visit somewhere that you've been before. As you walk around the streets of the city, then all the happy memories of your previous trip will come flooding back, reminding you of all the fancy buildings and sights, without actually having to lay out to see them.

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