Half the world away

Rather belatedly I discover that the current time difference between Beijing and New York is exactly 12 hours. So this trip will be the first time (I think) that I've been exactly 12 hours out of kilter. Should be interesting. To be honest, I actually quite enjoy these mega jet-lag excursions. I seem to end up falling asleep at about 9pm, and waking up at 4am, and then spend the next 4 hours reading or listening to audiobooks before I feel obliuged to get up, after which I have a reasonable day of conference gubbins before starting to pass out again around 9.

Apropos of not that, I just watched the "season finale" of Numb3rs, the crime-fighting and mathematics show. It opened with a deranged bomber holding up a bridge with a sequence of cellphone bombs, for no apparent reason, as usual. But wait... who was the strangely British actor playing the lunatic? None other than Martin Jarvis, of Richmal Crompton's William stories. Which rather spoiled the illusion...

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