"Get that shit off the air!"

I'm a big fan of any TV show that is so bad that it manages to get itself Cancelled After One Episode. But I was more interested to learn about a program that was cancelled during its first episode. Under the unpromising title of Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos which was so bad that the owner of the network called up the station production crew in the middle of the show and screamed 'Get That Shit off the Air'. And so they did.

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Matthew said...

"In most states, however, the last clip reported seen on the show before it got pulled was of a child reaching for a kangaroo's genitals."

I have a theory: there are very few funny stories about Australia that do not involve a kangaroo.

I mean, look at this one. It would be perfectly funny on it's own, but still, somehow, they have to lay the kangaroo on for us. It's just expected of them.

(If any Aussies are reading this and take offence, I'm going to apologise in advance.)