Flying Time

Contemplating my recent travel hijinks, I thought I would crunch some numbers on my travels. For the last decade, I've carefully recorded details on every flight I have taken, and I just now tallied up the numbers. The first flight I ever took was to Budapest in 1998 (1000 miles each way); the last was to Beijing (7000 miles each way). In total I have travelled 265,000 miles in 89 flights consisting of 106 flight segments. My furthest flight was Newark to Delhi (7600 miles one-way) in December last year, just pipping Newark to Seoul (7500 miles one-way), in September. The average trip length is 3000 miles. My most frequently travelled route is Newark to Gatwick, a trip I've made 13 times now: about twice a year on average, contributing about 90,000 miles to my total.

Now, what do I have to do to make this up to the planet?

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