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I'm not entirely sure what happened, but suddenly I am getting lots of search engine queries ending up here. I used to get a steady trickle of two or three queries per day, usually looking for some obscure celebrity that I had mentioned plus the keyword "naked". As of today, it seems to be ten or twenty. Here's the latest batch, since I haven't done a "Your Search Queries -- Answered" spot in a while.

30 Jan
soda on the side
my date with the president's daughter big band song (a popular question. It's 'Moonlight Magic')
l1740 portrait mode -- it's really good
pdflatex letter sig-alternate -- highly recommended
jamie kane' mother's maiden name -- is anyone still playing that arg?
maidstone curious facts -- Maidstone is very curious
scary movie hidden message, illuminati
e.m.m.a dum dum lyrics -- anyone got any idea?
aeliens -- coming from spaece!
clemence posey nude -- it begins
kelis nude
camelot theme park phone number -- it could be you!
bush bloggs 2007 -- I don't think he does
l1740 portrait mode
clemence posey nude

29th Jan

music bloggs
kelis nude
massage bloggs
fred bloggs
hash dubia -- dubai? dubya?
lays crisps uk -- why would you want them? Just try some walkers, they're near enough
shrek nude -- ewww?
videolan older version nt
kelis nude
housegate10.house.gov -- the government is watching us

28th Jan
josh lyman et la toyota prius -- c'est magnifique!
robin statz -- who?
i'm a little tiny fish in the deep blue sea wont somebody help me -- no
keira nightly official website -- I dream of Keira, Nightly.
numb chucks robot chicken
song lyrics hillman minx -- you can actually find the answer here, amazingly.
fred bloggs
clemence posey nude
verizon dsl no dial tone -- call the customer support line. Oh, you can't. Email them?
lolly stick crap jokes

27th Jan

9's reliability -- we aim for 1 9's reliability on this site
westwood idiot -- you might very well think that...
sitting on a fat wallet -- painful
fred bloggs
frequent flier bloggs
lena headey torrents
kelis nude
clémence poésy nude -- always the same...


Hugh said...

More nude celebrities needed.

plentyofants said...

re: 30th jan query
the camelot theme park (near chorley, lancs) is closing, i think. or may have closed already. they're building houses or a shopping centre or something. whatever it is, it'll be better

kelis news:
no nudity, but she and hannah pool amusingly fail to get on in the slightest in a guardian interview today

plentyofants said...

oops, meant this