Fat Wallet

New year, new wallet. I concern myself with the littlest things, because if I take care of them, then I can ignore the fact that the big things are being neglected.

I've had my old wallet for a long time -- more than a decade, maybe. It's falling to bits. But, like many of my posessions, I like it just how it is. New things mean change, and uncertainty scares me. It took a long time to find the right replacement. Previous attempts have failed dramatically when credit cards didn't fit in the putative replacement. You would think that this is something that you should be able to get right, credit cards being a more or less a standard size.

With a new wallet chosen, it was time to make some tough decisions. I needed to slim down my selection of wallet fodder. So, out goes the library card: it's hard to not carry around a library card, but I've never taken a book out from that place. Out goes the airline loyalty card -- I have my frequent flier number memorized by now anyway. Out go the supermarket loyalty cards: so bulky; instead, I will photocopy the bar codes onto a smaller piece of paper. Several other casualties also fell by the wayside.

On the way home someone tried to kill me by driving into me while I crossed on a 'walk' sign. Fortunately, I was on to him before he had a chance. Hah. I win.

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paulyg said...

I got this very slimline (and very geeky) wallet at the end of last year http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/gear/8904/

It meant that I, too, had to go through taking out my national insurance number card and all my stupid hotel loyalty cards. Still, it's much easier on the bottom now that I'm not sitting on an inch of paper and plastic all day.

They should bring back the adventures of Access and Money, y'know.