The Replacements

Right, the big pile of clothes in the corner will shortly be stuffed into the small bag, the slides are about as finished as they are likely to get before I end up several timezones away, and the in-flight line up looks about as a tedious as you'd expect it to be. Tomorrow, early (possibly as early as 8.30 in the morning) I'll be off to Seoul, South Korea so, er, take note all you would be housebreakers.

Since little mugwump2 was packed up in a cardboard box and shipped off to the RMA department, quite possibly never to be seen again, instead I will be taking my new (temporary) friend, who goes by the imaginitive name of T42p. Say hi, T42p!


Well, OK, be like that. This yields a related question to one I have asked before. Instead of asking how much time it takes to take a fresh windows boxen and configure it into something usable for indefinite use, I now wonder what is the least one can do that make XP just tolerable enough that I don't through T42p out the hotel window when I get there. So far, I've concluded that Firefox and Putty are absolutely necessary, and everything else can wait till I get home. Quite possibly I'll discover that flash and something that allows real player content to be played in a browser will also be necessary, as I will inevitably find myself waking up at 4am local time unable to get back to sleep. Further updates are not likely to follow.

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John R Morgan said...

I have tracked you down, now.

Now I'm probably going to have to kill you.