Milky Milky

More records that time forgot: "Milky Milky (Take Me to the Fridge)" by Mr Strange and the Lactose Bortherhood. A novelty record based on the popular Mary Whitehouse experience character, and promoted by Hugh Dennis and Steve Punt. It featured an actually quite accurate Pet Shop Boys parody, and a less good techno bit. As far as I can tell (according to sources http://www.everyhit.com/ and http://www.polyhex.com/music/chartruns/chartruns.php/), it failed to chart.

To follow up on previous postings, the fevered interest in LG15 is thankfully dying down (if I have to hear one more ill-informed MSM report that claims it was the "web diary of a 15 year old" on "a website that aroused suspicions for being too well designed", I may well scream). For those that were not paying attention, LG15 is "a series of youtubes", but was recently discovered to be the work of west country prankster Justin Lee Collins. So that's what his Friday night project was all about.

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