I'm waiting in for my signs to arrive, and after the freneticism of writing a paper for infocom, it's time to relax wth some more inane babbling to a webpage.

First, some traditional blog stuff: look, it's a job where not only will you not get sacked if you keep a blog, you actually have to keep one.

According to the Guardian, Dried sperm could be stored at home. Funny, I know some people who've been doing that for years using only common household items like tissues... the journalist also has an appropriate name, what more could you ask for from a news story?

AOL has sent me some more coasters/wall decorations/frisbees. The passwords are more surreal this time:
The first one sounds like some kind of a McGuffin in a scifi movie, or possibly the work of a crazed postdoc in Italy working on semiconductors. The second... well, if it was Ironic Suitor, then I'd have some clue what it means, but as it is, I have no clue.

Back onto blogs, and I was thinking about new words that will arise because of bloggers. In the same way that google has launched an entire vocabulary (to Google, TSOGL, googlewhack, googlebomb, googlewash and so on), what words will blogging add to the lexicon? Here are some of my suggestions:

  • Blogorrhea: I think this one's been used already
  • Blogtopus: someone who keeps eight different blogs and seems to update them constantly.
  • Blurker: Someone who reads lots of blogs, but doesn't have their own and never leaves comments.
  • Blogtogan: an eight sided-blog
  • Blogasm: the euphoric feeling you get when your favourite blog has just had a massive update.
  • Blogan's Run: In the not too distant future, the government attempts to cut down overcrowding of the net by tracking down bloggers who have grown too tedious, and having them shot.

There's also scope for a whole range of subgenres of blogs devoted to particular subjects, such as:

  • HotDogBlogs: for fans of fast food
  • DobbyBlogs: for authors of Harry Potter slash fiction
  • PablogPicasso: for art fans
  • Globeblog: for dyslexic palindrom enthusiasts
  • Norweblogs: for fans of electricity generating companies

Hmm, that'll do for now.

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