New comments system

No one has yet complained to me that it's impossible to leave any comments on this blog, but then again, there's no way for anyone to leave a comment to this effect. But I just had an idea for how to incorporate a comments system with no personal effort whatsoeve. Since all the effort is on your part.

How to leave a comment.

1. Get access to a web server that you can upload pages to.
2. Suppose you want to leave the comment "This Blog Really Sucks, I hate it". Then create a file called "This_Blog_Sucks_I_Really_Hate_It.html".
3. In the file, put the line "Click here"
4. Open the file in your browser by going to the page on the webserver, and then click on the link.

Now, next time I look through my server referrer logs, I will see your comment! Probably. Unless your browser cached this page. Or if it didn't work for some other reason.

For users of AOL

If you want to follow up a comment with "Me Too!", then you can do this as follows:

1. Look at the list of comments and locate the one you want to say "Me Too" to.
2. Enter the URL into your Web browser.
3. Click on the "Click here" link in the new page.
4. The count for this comment in my referrer logs will increase by one, indicating that your idiotic useless comment has been counted.

And that's it! A fully featured comment system for the blogger who just can't be arsed!

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