Wolves in the Walls and Wasps in Ceiling

While taking my usual leisurely three hour bath this morning, I noticed a scratching buzzing noise. After I had thoroughly dabbed down my leathery skin, I investigated further. There was definitely insect activity, and it seemed to be coming from... the ceiling light? This was rather worrying. I switched on the light -- a lightbulb encased in a translucent plastic fitting. Illuminated in sillhouette was the clearly discernible outline of a wasp, as well as a couple of other dead bodies. But how had it got there? Was there a whole nest of wasps trapped up there? Or was there a passage from the ceiling about into my bathroom light? I don't know, and I'm rather afraid to investigate. Instead, I did the only reasonable thing in the circumstance: I left the light on, in the vain hope that the ambient heat (it being an antiquated incandescent bulb) would wipe out the wasp and all of its brethren.

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