Who is mktg13?

Some new news. Strange scratching sounds continue to emanate from my bathroom light fixtures. I think I am doomed to be an earlier victim of the impending insect invasion.

I notice that the sliced ham comes in packs with 17 slices. Who would design such a thing? I have determined that putting three slices of ham between two slices of bread makes a nice sandwich, and I like to have two sandwiches for lunch. This bizarre prime choice of servings means that I always seem to be very slightly disappointed when I finish up a pack. Not even a pack of Frazzles, smuggled in from the motherland, can fully recompense.

While chewing my sandwich and guzzling crips, I scan my home network, and discover an unfamiliar host: mktg13. That doesn't sound like the kind of computer I would have lying around. I ping it, and it definitely seems to be there. It's even running a windows workgroup, although it requires a username and password to access, and 'guest' doesn't seem to cut it. So I check my wireless set up, and sure enough it seems to be fully open -- I thought I had it secured, but it seems that I've been walking around with the equivalent of my flies open for the past few months. Oh well, at least that should be good enough for some plausible deniability if the lawsuits ever hit. I enable WEP (only at 64bit, just to make things easy for the determined hacker), and carry on with my day.

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msw said...

You want to lay off those crips.