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A lot of people have been asking me to explain to them the meaning of the ending of "Life on Mars", the popular BBC time travel show. Well, of course, I didn't actually bother to watch it, but here's what I worked out using only the power of my own mind.

The show features 21st Century Man Sam Tyler (named after the famous time-travelling Irish Playright), who 'leaps' back in time to 1973. There, he is unsure how he got there. His faithful assistant, Al, is nowhere to be found, nor his supercomputer Ziggy Stardust.

The explanation is that Sam Tyler is actually a renegade time lord who has lost his memory after exceeding his allotted number of regenerations. The ford cortina which collided with him and sent him back in time is actually his Tardis. The clue which gives this all away is in the choice of name : DI Sam Tyler is an anagram of Mister Daly . This Mister "Arthur" Daly is a sinister figure whose name keeps cropping up throughout the show (this is the programmes "Arc-word of infinity"), and Tyler (or to give him his Gallefreian name, the Minder) is only able to overcome his amnesia when he is able to "write the feem toon, sing the feem toon"...

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John R Morgan said...

Coming from someone else who hasn't seen "Life on Mars", your analysis seems entirely believable.