A real Stonebreaker

A lot of spam uses randomly chosen text from elsewhere to try to defeat filters. The spam itself is mostly centered around an image, which my email client usually chooses to ignore. The below text came as part of a pump and dump scam, but it avoided gmails filters, and confused my mental filters as well:

"That is a valid, though not too common, situation.
It is addressed to Michael Stonebraker.
One type of question I commonly receive has to do with choosing a DBMS. Other organizations tend to be more liberal and often are willing to consider alternative architectures. As he is trying to stuff them into the overhead compartment the flight attendant tells him that the won't fit and he'll have to check his bags. There are a lot of SQL books on the market - some of them very good. Indeed, businesses today are gathering and storing more data than ever before. " CSM: The object folks always want to tightly-couple code and data. Or blogs like this one, for that matter!"

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