Pick a counter, any counter

Seems that when I accidentally clicked on a button last week and moved this blog to the new "Beta.blogger" service (not to be confused with beta blockers), I also somehow broke the webcounter with which I've been surreptitiously monitoring everyone who comes here to waste their time reading my screeds. Since it was about time I upgraded it, I needed to choose a new counter from the many millions of free web counters available. But I was too lazy to do any research and find one that I liked. So I decided to use the wisdom of crowds instead. I grabbed a recent snapshot of about half a million blogger blogs, got the ids of all websites linked to, sorted these by frequency, categorised the top hundred most frequent URLs, and found the most commonly used counter amongst all of these, and went ahead and installed it. Turns out that this was easier than any of the alternatives.

Anyway, please welcome my new friend: statcounter (he's on my left, your right).


Dave said...

< de lurk >
The invisble majority?
< /de lurk >

Matthew said...

How about http://clustrmaps.com/?

Anonymous said...

The statcounter thing seems to do the usual trick of loading an image from the counter site, which won't count those of us with paranoid browser settings. Unless the associated JavaBollocks does something evil / clever.