No ID, no service

I went to get a haircut yesterday, since my hair was getting in my eyes and blocking my vision. I was a little taken aback when the first question I was asked on arrival at the barbery was "What is your phone number?". I wasn't entirely sure what this might have to do with my coiffeurist needs, but was not in the mood to take a stand on personal privacy (I know, one should always be in such a mood, but I wasn't). The proceeded to to demand my name and home address. Whatever happened to the anonymous haircut? Someone, somewhere has a database of everyone who has a haircut, and I don't know about you, but I find that disturbing.

What I found the more disturbing, however, was the outcome of the haircut. As I said, the hair was getting in my eyes and blocking my ears, but otherwise wasn't too much of a problem; so I requested that they attend to the front and sides, but otherwise leave it much as it was. It was only subsequent to my return home and a more careful perusal in the bathroom mirror that I realized that I had inadvertantly specified the definition of a mullet.

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