I don't come here to be insulted...

A quite staggering insult winged its way into my inbox from a most unexpected direction today -- from the editor of a journal to whom I'd sent a polite enquiry as to the status of a paper that I'd submitted there about six months ago. This was a paper that had been invited to a special edition of the journal of the best papers from conference X:

I have checked the status of your manuscript. The editor to whom the paper
has been assigned has been inviting reviewers but all the
invited reviewers have declined reviewing the paper. He has invited some
more, and hopefully some will accept. Usually we do not have problems in
finding reviewers for a paper, but sometimes it happens that nobody wants to
review a paper (fortunately, I had only another case like this since 2001).
To me, this is a sign that the paper is not very interesting; I wonder how it
got accepted to X Conference. So you will need to be patient.

Well, that told me.

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